Urban planning for endangerd seabirds

Join us on a city walk to learn about the birds’ migration to urban areas and how we can facilitate coexistence

We invite you to take part in a citizen science project that aims to educate and give a new perspective on urban kittiwakes. On this city walk we count breeding pairs, map new nests, and visit the kittiwake hotels.

Kittiwake hotels

These “hotels” are alternative breeding sites for the kittiwakes breeding in town. You will take part in the observing of nests and record the breeding status and the number of chicks.

This is a different kind of city walk that might change your view on Tromsø and look at the urban seagulls from a different perspective.

Seabirds are a central part of our coastal culture, but due to climate and environmental changes, seabird populations are threatened. A number of different collaborative projects have therefore been launched to improve the nesting situation for endangered seabirds that seek protection during the nesting season.

One of the initatives are the construction of various nesting hotels (as shown in the picture). These hotels come in many different forms and formats, and are placed in different envirnoments, to identify where the birds thrive best.