Hike with a purpose & Dinner with Panoramic View

Join us for an unforgettable hike atop Tromsø’s iconic mountain! Not only will you soak in panoramic views of the city, but you’ll also play a vital role in citizen science.

This project focuses on fragile mountain plants and cairns. Cairns serve as crucial markers for hikers. However, there are quite a few unnecessary cairns that mislead trekkers during low visibility and harm delicate ecosystems. This popular city-mountain has an exceptional plant diversity, including red-listed species, that needs to me monitored.

Dine with a view
After the invigorating hike, enjoy a delicious meal at the Fjellheisen Panoramic Café. The perfect way to end a dventures day.

This event invites you to participate in one of Wild Lab brilliant and significantly important projects for a more sustainable and regenerative city.


  • Price from: 2700*,-
  • Minimum capasity: 10**
  • Date: Jun. 14th.
  • When: 15:00 – 22:00
  • Duration: 5 – 7 hours
  • Picup: Tromsø City Center end end the night at Fjellheisen

*incl. a decent donation to Wild Lab Projects

** if the number of people registered for this activity is below the minimum, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the activity and the ticket will be refunded.

About the hike
The hike is not challenging or long, but participants should be in good shape and experienced in hiking in rugged terrain. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, participants should wear appropriate shoes for hiking and clothes adapted to the weather. It is sometimes windy and cold, even in midsummer, so consider packing extra layers and spare socks.

Citizen science project
You dont need any particular skills to contribute to the citizen science. The methods (mapping with a GPS, describing cairns on a mobile app, take photos) are easy, and accessible to everyone.

Together, we will map all the cairns between the cable car (Fjellheisen, 421 m) and the summit (Fløya, 642 m). We will geolocate, describe and photograph them, and submit our observations via an online questionnaire to a database.